We offer a range of services from testing/assessment to direct intervention with your student.

Educational Testing/Assessment

We offer comprehensive testing and provide families with a report that outlines your student’s strengths and areas of need. We provide a range of suggestions based upon your student’s unique learning profile.

Accommodations for public and private schools will be discussed, if determined to be needed. These accommodations may also be used, if appropriate, for applications to high stakes tests (SAT, ACT, etc.) and for college.

Testing can examine:

  • Reading difficulties and dyslexia
  • Math difficulties and dyscalculia
  • Writing difficulties and dysgraphia
  • Attention difficulties, including Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Inattentive, Hyperactive/Impulsive and Combined types
  • Executive functioning difficulties including planning and organization difficulties

SPRING 2020 UPDATE:  During this time of the “stay at home” order in Los Angeles, we are happy to consult with you, respond to any questions, and then we can begin the educational testing once the order has been lifted.

Direct Intervention

For students who need additional intervention in the area of time management, planning and organization, we offer our Executive Functioning package.

What is executive functioning?

In essence, executive functioning refers to the processes in the brain that allows us to get things done effectively and efficiently. Many students with executive functioning difficulties struggle with time management, organization, meeting deadlines, reaching goals, and beginning projects.

If your child has a time-challenged brain, you may want to consider our Executive Functioning course that is based on the work of Marydee Sklar. The course focuses on using the child’s strengths to overcome challenges with time management and organization to enable them to reach goals and experience success. Since we can’t see time, the course is designed to provide strategies and tools to make time concrete and visible.

This 9 week program is for students ages 10 and above who want to develop better skills in time management, planning and prioritization, calendar, agenda book/binder organization, daily checklists, project planning, and study skills. These are individual sessions, in which parent participation is encouraged.

SPRING 2020 UPDATE:  Executive function intervention can take place remotely.  If you are interested in beginning this intervention even during Los Angeles’ “stay at home” order, feel free to reach out.